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Written and Illustrated By Brandi Mae


About the Author

Brandi Mae

Hi Sweet Friend!

My name is Brandi and I want to thank you for visiting my site and entering my

little world of Bizzy Bumblebee.

I wrote Bizzy from a part of myself that I’d lost long ago.

I had unknowingly left my small self behind and replaced her with “busyness".

I’ve always been a highly sensitive person and for as long as I can remember I’ve

had a busy mind. Even now, each day it takes me continual conscious effort to

stay grounded inside of my body.

Many of my books (which are soon to come) express little parts of myself that

have struggled to feel safe in an overstimulating world.

Having such a busy mind has caused me to have a busy body which has made it

very difficult for me to be present in my life and because of that I’ve had trouble

connecting to people, including my children.

I’ve never had the words to explain what I was going through until Bizzy, she

gave me context to explore my nature rather than continuing to judge myself.

From there I’ve learned how to help myself feel safe, rather than fighting myself

to “be normal”.

These books have given me a doorway into healing that I’d never expected.

I became open to learning about myself, which has helped me calm down and

connect to my body. From there, I can connect to others, as well my children.

Now, because I feel secure, they feel secure. I feel safe enough to play and

explore with them which has deepened our bond immensely.

I hope that Bizzy and our books to come, will inspire you to listen kindly and

gently to your little self, so that you can calm your “Bizzy” mind to learn what your

needs are so that you can meet them and your little ones with love.

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Download Fun Coloring Pages

Bee still and connect with your kiddos with these sweet coloring downloads... click the crayons!

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"I loved Bizzy because it's good, I loved it momma, Bizzy says be yourself!"  - Odin age 4

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Mom's Cozy Corner Coming Soon!

News and Events
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Readings and Signings

Tucker Free Public Library in Henniker, NH

February 5, 2023 at 3:15 

Stonebridge Montessori School in Hillsborough, NH

February 18 at 10-12pm

Miller's Run School Sheffield, VT

February 22 at 6pm of "Authors Night"

To schedule an event with Brandi Mae

please email

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