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In our Author Talks
We talk about about what it's like to have a gift and sharing it with the world.
How everyone makes mistakes and when we make a mistake it means we had the opportunity to try something new and were brave enough to do it!
We talk about the steps I took to become a published author and the fears I had to move past. 

Great for ages pre-k -high school modified for different age groups.


Speaking Engagements for Mental and Emotional for Adults in the Workplace

Engaging in honest talks about mental and emotional health. We share tips for self compassion which radiates onto others.

How to give and nurture yourself to avoid physical, mental and emotional fatigue and overwhelm.

Self regulating tools for anxiety. 

We share tips on how to speak openly about our needs to avoid resentments. 


Special Events



Having an event? Bizzy Bee Books visits schools for signings, Some of the events that we have been invited to are...
Health fairs to support mental and emotional health for children and families.
Library visits
School Visit Days to helps support the growth of the school  and the community.

Helps to promote preschool and private school enrollment.
Starting off the school year and preschool graduations.

Farmers Markets
Promote your book store!

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